Manufacturing Plant Manager

We are seeking an effective leader to plan and lead manufacturing operations and administrative support functions, in a small (less than 20 associates) fabrication facility, through the efficient use of manpower, technology, materials and machines.

Position Profile:
1. Oversee the planning and coordination of the manufacturing of products in alignment with customer specifications, as well as company goals and objectives.
2. Lead facility performance in the areas of customer satisfaction, safety, associate relations, lean manufacturing, quality, cost reduction, and other KPI's.
3. Ensure the facility meets or exceeds customer and quality standards and specifications.
4. Maximize the efficiency of production areas and ensuring effective associate utilization through
oversight of the organization and direction of workflow to satisfy production requirements in a cost effective manner.
5. Oversee the analysis of manufacturing materials and processes and determining optimum control levels and lean manufacturing. Investigate, analyze and create new processes, as applicable.
6. Maintain associate safety and morale by creating a safe and efficient working environment.
7. Ensure proper employment levels through manpower planning, selecting, interviewing, and
training of personnel.
9. Collaborate with Director of Sales and Customer & Sales Support Manager on planning and
predicting customer orders to satisfy shipments.
10. Collaborate with the Director of Quality and Safety to ensure that products are produced
within established ISO procedures and meet all specifications.
Bachelor's degree preferred; 5 to 7 years plant management experience in a small to mid size manufacturing environment preferably in an engineered product, industrial, mechanical arena. Experience and skills to include lean manufacturing; strategic, effective leader with ability to motivate, influence and train; knowledge of machinery and assembly; MS Office proficient; ERP/MRP experience required.

Keywords: Operations Manager, Production Supervisor, Production Manager, Plant Supervisor, Manufacturing Supervisor, Manufacturing Manager, Plant Operations Manager

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